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My name is David and I am the photographer here at BabyGrace Photo. If you like what you see and are interested in hiring me for your wedding or other occasion, give me a ring at 518-331-1871. I look forward to hearing from you.

What follows is a more in depth "who is David Austin".  Hiring a wedding photographer, or someone to document intimate family moments or special events needs to be gifted with the camera. Also, my experience, and many others, suggests the importance of a photographer being able to truly listen, communicate, facilitate, and know when to be assertive and when to be silent.

Ansel Adams wrote: “You don't make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.”

Oh how great it is to be full of life. Full of love, loving others and being loved.  Being connected and sharing life.

I was born the youngest of three kids...and they say I never slept. I am sure if I was born 30 years later I would have been heavily medicated for ADHD at the request of my teachers. Thank God for all things but in this case, thank God for being raised in the country, where I could run and play outside all day. And Thank God for Sports.

I was little David. Little David remembers Mom being sick and in her bedroom more than not. Little David remembers his father being in the hospital for a month or two at a time on more than one occasion. I remember being scared often, confused, and while I excelled in self-will and physical abilities, they often covered up my lack of real confidence.

If you are still reading, hang in there, the story will soon turn. But not yet. When I was 10 my father died of a heart attack. Shortly thereafter my mother become wheelchair bound and was finally diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.  The love and protector of my childhood, my grandmother, passed from the big "C".  And the other major loss came 9 years later when my brother, my hero, took his own life. My family and I know loss.  Most families do.  Our humanness knows love, loss, and laughter; it is a way we connect to each other.  I always tell people to be careful when they compare themselves with others; it is our own story that keeps us up at night.

Yet a strange thing happened during my teen years. I found out I had been blessed with real sports ability, charisma, compassion, as well as inheriting the clown gene from my family. Coaches, teachers, and community members helped my mother "grow" me with a positive spirit; believing there is much good in the world, and love. A small town raised me.

A Word about Mother Marilyn: One of my first memories as a child is how at age two or three, the birds would come to our feeder just outside the bedroom window, and I would “talk” to the chickadees. I was sure they were talking back to me and not once did my mother ever tell me otherwise. Chick-a-dee-dee-dee...Chick-a-dee-dee-dee over and over again and my mother would ask me to translate, as she herself, did not speak the language.

My Mom lived with Multiple Sclerosis for at least 30 years of her life. In a wheel-chair, I rarely  heard her complain. And she never, I don't think ever, passed up an opportunity to see, breath in, and appreciate anything beautiful. In nature, or any acts of kindness directed towards her or anyone. I am sure it is what kept her sane and her spirit so kind and loving.

I went to college on a football scholarship and while I was not too interested in classes, I grew as a athlete and as a good-timing bartender and all out party hound. I failed out after 4 years and it wasn't long before I gave up the night life and got back into school. I studied this time, I learned, I learned to love learning. And oh how I learned to appreciate the give and take in relationships and value friendships like never before.

A few careers later, I hold the camera in my hand nearly wherever I go. I have been an award winning athlete, college instructor of the year, non-profit administrator at multiple locations championing award winning programs, counselor, motivational speaker including countless keynotes. And in there I have lost friends, partners, dreams, and my health for a spell that had me near death and having to learn to read again.

Great successes, and great losses. Family, friends, teachers, mentors, a growing faith, and many other people along the way who put a loving and caring hand on me through my life have made the man and photographer I am today.

2006: Grace Shanti Austin was born. My first born. And she wasn't little David. She was and is spirited but calm. Smart and oh so funny. No, like really smart and really funny! Already she is smarter than her mother and father. And she is caring, compassionate; she is a lover.   Whenever I visit her school her teachers have always treated me as if I am a star because of her intelligence and compassion for others.  Grace is the star, I am along for the ride. Grace changed me and continues to change me. She helped get rid of the "junk" inside of me and really helped me focus on love, beauty, fun, connecting, living in the moment, and nature.

Grace Shanti Austin changed this man and gifted me a passion to capture beauty...anywhere, in person and with a camera. The seeds may have been sown from my mother, but Gracie brought it all together. I have carried a camera with me nearly everywhere I have gone since Gracie's birth nearly 9 years ago. Her pre-kindergarten years consisted of I dare say thousands of trips into nature and playing nearby nesting bald eagles and beauty in all shapes and sizes. Grace Shanti Austin is the inspiration to BabyGracePhoto.

Oh but wait, there is more. A little David showed up. Kellen James (my brother's name) Austin was born at the end of 2013. He inherited the clown gene. He is a lover; though it is hard to tell at times because he never stops moving. Kellen does sleep some. My wife and I debate ardently as to where he gets his stubbornness from (maybe from both of us?). I was hoping for a quarterback but he remains in the top 99% of height and weight. We might have an offensive lineman (Blindside).

Hopefully the above information let's you know a little bit more about the person I am.  Specific to the camera and as a photographer, I am embarking on a full undertaking as a full-time photographer for the first time in my life.  I successfully shot a number of weddings nearly 15 years ago (just as the digital revolution was starting).  I turned my attention away from the "human wildlife" and focused on nature with occasional human subjects in the last 12 years.

My photographs have been purchased and appeared in calendars, in New York and Orlando Fl restaurants and businesses as well as individuals in 6 States.  A rock and roll band who toured with Maroon 5 and other notables used my photographs for their CD and all press releases.

My photographs displayed throughout this website speak to my abilities as well as style.  I am a business man with integrity who knows how to communicate and deliver with deadlines.

Reach out via phone 518-331-1871 or email contact link on the top of the page.

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